About Us


Who Are We?

Hi, I’m Bob Harris, Founder and Chairman of Grain Berry Mills. In 2007, after the sale of my company Smart Balance, I set out to find the next big idea in nutritional science that would deliver what consumers want; top quality, affordable foods that taste great and deliver superior nutrition. I wanted to capture that same combination again.

Various scientists I spoke with told me a fascinating story.  It seems American farmers and ranchers wouldn’t grow black and hi-tannin varieties of the sorghum grain because their livestock lost weight when they ate it!   To learn more, Read more.

I hope you’ll be as excited as we are by the many amazing health benefits Grain Berry Onyx Sun-Sorghum offers to us humans!

Our Story

At Grain Berry Mills, we’re the experts in the growing and usage of Sorghum – the Ancient Grain, the key ingredient in all Grain Berry Cereals, Pancake Mix, Smoothie booster, Muffin Mix, Brownie Mix, Cookie Mix, and Pastas.

From our beginnings, we’ve always grown our own Grain Berry Onyx Sorghum and Bran Sorghum.  That way we can be sure we always have the purest, freshest, non-GMO, and gluten free grains.

We’re just starting our journey to make Onyx Sorghum the cornerstone of a wide variety of natural and healthy foods and beverages; and to make them available everywhere.  Read about our current products in the Products section of our website.  There will be many more soon.

Finally, we always keep in mind that no single food is a magic bullet; which is why you’ll be interested to learn about the Grain Berry 3-3-3 Building Blocks for sound, solid nutrition you can easily use to improve your current diet.  And for those who want more, we offer a delicious Grain Berry One-Week Meal Planner with a comprehensive 7-day menu that incorporates the 3-3-3 Building Blocks featuring many Grain Berry items, so you’ll be sure to get enough of the amazing benefits Grain Berry Onyx can offer. Read More.

Please send me any comments, questions, testimonials or feedback to: info@silverpalate.com

We’re proud to offer Grain Berry Onyx to you and your family!

Bob Harris