Our newsletters include details and health information regarding both Silver Palate and Grain Berry products. All of these newsletters below include Grain Berry ONYX content.

September 2017

Grain Berry has launched its 3-3-3 Plan featuring Grain Berry ONYX, a diet plan that will improve your body’s shield against many attacks of our cells from diabetes, obesity, heart issues, certain cancers and more! We also have some delicious fall recipes for you to try to really get into the mood of the new season! READ MORE

August 2017

With so many Americans putting more and more of an emphasis on getting physically fit, our Grain Berry ONYX aids with that by using “slow carbs” to help control your weight. We have also included several delicious recipes for you to try out and get you in the best shape of your life! READ MORE

July 2017

We liked to have some fun with this article and showcase some young Grain Berry supporters as they rock out to our jingle while receiving the great health benefits from our products! Our great Silver Palate low sodium tomato sauce made with real San Marzano tomatoes is a fantastic topping to any delicious dish. READ MORE

June 2017

We appreciate all the supporters of our products, but today we would like to put the spotlight on 4 year old Katie and her favorite cereal, Grain Berry. We would also like to highlight Men’s Health Month and educate you on how our products will lead to better overall health this Father’s Day! READ MORE

Spring 2017

I’m sure we all know someone who has been close to us that has suffered from cancer. With April being National Cancer Control Month we at Grain Berry would like to highlight the multitude of ways our wide array of products can keep your loved ones healthy and try to lower the risk of cancer. READ MORE

February 2017

With February being American Heart Month and heart disease still being the leading cause of death to Americans, we would like to point out how Grain Berry products can vastly improve your heart health. We have included some simple and delicious recipes for you to try at home to get the family eating healthier than ever! READ MORE

January 2017

With January being Fiber Focus Month, Grain Berry would like to educate you on the incredible benefits that come along with swapping refined grains for our products. Here we have a section answering some of the frequently asked questions we get about antioxidants and highlight the main benefits they serve in a healthier lifestyle. Give our tasty Silver Palate “Galettes” Pancakes a try one morning and feel great for the rest of your day! READ MORE

December 2016

With Grain Berry ONYX being a new addition to our products, we have an informative YouTube video to explain more about the various health benefits our new products will offer you. A section on whole grain ONYX highlighting a few Grain Berry products it is used in and the benefits over grains used in other leading brands. For a spin on a holiday favorite, try out our delicious oatmeal cranberry chocolate chip drops packed with nutrition from our Silver Palate Oats. READ MORE

November 2016

With November being National Diabetes Month, Grain Berry would like to stress the health benefits all our product lines offer in lowering your risk for this disease. We have a few easy to make yet delicious meals for you to try featuring our products so you know they will be full of nutritional value. Also be on the lookout for Grain Berry ONYX, a new addition to our program that is packed with positive health benefits.READ MORE