Grain Berry Products

All of Grain Berry’s Cereals, Nutrition Boosters, Baking Mixes, and Pastas are made with this goal in mind; to offer our consumers delicious foods at competitive prices that deliver the unique health benefits of Onyx Sorghum.  We always use whole grains, we always create foods with less sugar and salt than the leading brands, we steer clear of artificial colors and preservatives, and we always remember that you and your family want great tasting, affordable and nutritious foods that are a true value.

More Free Radical Protection, More Natural Plant Fiber, Slows Sugar Absorption. New Grain Berry Cereals offer health benefits like no other cereal for a strong start to the day! LEARN MORE

Families are rediscovering the joys of slowing down a little and spending quality time together at home. Simple activities like cooking and baking are a wonderful recipe for a harmonious household. LEARN MORE

Grain Berry Smoothie Booster is the simple way to add more powerful health benefits of Onyx Sorghum to any smoothie, hot or cold cereal, hamburgers; most any food or beverage. LEARN MORE

Pasta is versatile, tasty and quick & easy to make. But as a rule; most pasta is made with processed wheat; empty carbs that fill you up but add little to your good health. LEARN MORE