And Don’t Forget the Grain Berry Sugar Story!

Find out why Grain Berry Products are the healthy choice.


The Good Carbs in Grain Berry Onyx Sorghum:  All Grain Berry cereals and mixes have less sugar than the leading brands, so that’s a good start.  Plus our whole grain blend with Onyx Sorghum can help slow the absorbance of sugar and carbs in the bloodstream.

Here’s how.

Carbs are categorized based on how quickly they are broken down in the body; ranging from simple carbs like sugars that are very quickly metabolized; to complex carbs, (often referred to as “good” carbs), like Resistant Starch and fiber that metabolize slowly or pass through to the colon without being digested.

Whole Grains have far more “good carbs” than processed flours, and king among whole grains is Grain Berry Onyx, a unique variety of sorghum that is our key ingredient.  Onyx has an excellent carbohydrate profile, with fewer simple carbs and more “good carbs” than other whole grains.

Most cereals are loaded with simple carbs.  Adding Onyx Sorghum creates a more balanced carb profile.

Onyx not only has the right kind of carbs, it’s also one of the very best sources of antioxidants.  The rare antioxidants in Onyx not only help neutralize the ravages of free radicals, but also bind with carbohydrates and cause them to digest more slowly.

The result: the “Good Carbs” in Onyx are metabolized much slower than other whole grains, giving you sustained energy and helping you maintain your desired weight.